Appointments are not needed for oil changes, tire rotations, multi-point inspections, or other minor services. Please visit our Express Service Lane.

Get Personalized Service for Your Subaru at Vic Bailey Subaru

You can get the most out of your Subaru when using it for work or play in Gaffney by following some simple routine maintenance tips. While there are plenty of complex systems in your engine, transmission, chassis, and other areas of your vehicle, you only need to focus on regular service for certain sectors to eliminate most causes of breakdown.

Whether it's summer or winter in Duncan, your engine will benefit from regularly changed oil. Motor oil keeps everything running efficiently and cleans precision parts that might have accumulated dust or debris. Topping up other necessary fluids will also keep engine performance high. The occasional inspection is a good time to check and adjust fluid levels.

Don't hit the roads in Moore without regular brake inspections. Brake failure is rare but unmistakable; if you experience a sudden diminishing brake power, it might indicate a leak in the hydraulic system. You'll want to pull over immediately and contact your technician for repair. Your brake pads wear down according to your driving patterns, so you'll want to listen for the tell-tale squeaking alerting you that they're ready to be replaced.

You can stay safer on the roads of Inman with tires that are regularly rotated and have a tread suitable to the season. Warm and cold temperatures make different demands on your tires and require different chemical compositions and tread patterns to provide grip, especially at higher speeds.

Because we live in Spartanburg, too, we understand the inherent driving challenges you might face here. We can advise you on the right kind of tires you'll need or the best oil change schedule for the way you use your engine. You can trust us when you need routine maintenance or repairs because we utilize Subaru parts and suggested additives whenever possible.

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