Help! I just had a car accident!

An automobile accident can be a frightening and frustrating experience. Especially if it's your first one or even if you have been an unfortunate victim in the past. Here are some frequently asked questions our Vic Bailey Collision Repair Center is asked;

Q - I just had an accident! What do I do?

 Assess the injuries. CALL 911. File a police report. Don't let anyone talk you out of it because if there is damage you will need the report for insurance purposes. Call your insurance company ASAP!

Q - What information do I need from the others involved in the accident?

Names, addresses, telephone numbers, insurance companies, policy numbers (if available), vehicle information for all persons involved, as well as names and numbers of any witnesses.

Does my vehicle need towing?

 NEVER drive a vehicle you feel may be unsafe! Request a towing company and give explicit instructions as to where your vehicle is to be taken.

Do I have to use the repair center recommended by the insurance company in order to get a full warranty for the repairs?

 NO! An insurance company may make suggestions but it is ultimately your decision. We stand behind our work regardless of what insurance company is involved. You will receive a written warranty.

What if the insurance company writes an estimate that doesn't cover the amount of vehicle damage?

We will handle any supplements by filing direct with the insurance company ourselves. Once the vehicle work is completed, you will simply bring in any check sent to you as well as any deductible due. We will handle all of the details!


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